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Quality Guarantee
Every customer does worry for the quality and authenticity of the product, as they are clueless how their purchased product is processed and what majors a company incur for the authenticity of the product until it reaches their doorstep.

123discountshop expert team do check and recheck the product when it is ready in the warehouse yet once again checks and verifies once left from the warehouse for the shipment.

Sourcing Your Products:

Explore the new world of gadgets and gizmos at with the amazing collections of Android Tablet PC, Android Smartphone, mobile accessories, security devices and many more coming about. We headquarter at Jersey, UK and do have offices in India, China, and United Arab Emirates. We work only with the most trusted manufacturers from China that are known for quality products, reputation, authenticity and important one are they able to match our intention to satisfy the customer needs.

After inspections done by 123discountshop gadget and technicality expert team yet go through other scanning process, we understand the need of different customers for the product. So as soon as possible, we make sure to introduce the item on the site and ensure it is tagged with the lowest price. As there is no middlemen role in the process, we direct pickup the product from the manufacturer and therefore, 123discountshop have the flexibility of the lowest price product.

How We Process Your Product Order?

Once a customer click a ďComplete orderĒ button, confirms the action to take the order ahead immediately for processing. One of the 123discountshop employees will once again check the details inserted by a customer to identify nothing will interrupt processing, while the other will bring the stock for shipment process. During this meantime, a confirmation mail would be send to the costumer highlighting the point of processing order. You need to check your Inbox, in case you donít find a confirmation from 123discountshop, please check your Spam, Trash or Bin folder.

How We Test Your Products?

123discountshop all products are manufacture from authentic and trusted manufacturers for quality assurance, but still we donít take any chance of risk with a specific order. Hence, all our gadgets and other go through extreme strict scanning process to check technical and manual defaults in a product, before it actually wrapped for shipment.

123discountshop highly trained inspection team evaluates the product basis of strict yet essential inspection requirements. Our inspection team easily donít grant a product until it doesnít justify all requirements.

What Confirms To Get Right Product?

Firstly, the stock product is received from the manufacturer. Here our 123discountshop-trained team strictly check all the items with our specialised process. In next step, we check the product do match the order that made by a customer, so that a customer doesnít face any problem further. We ensure we have received right product through different level of checking.

A customer worry that the ordered product doesnít mix with other product and receive a wrong item. Even such problem does worry company as well, because the company had to face the financial loss. To prevent such issues, before the product is actually shipped, we ensure to check the details to match the order correctly. Hence, the process isnít just followed once or twice, but is continue to confirm till the courier takes it.

Once the product left from the warehouse, a confirmation mail is forward to a customer that includes all the invoice details. For further tracking details, 123discountshop asks you to contact our customer support for assistance.